Season 3 Episode 5 Plant Your Seeds

Welcome to the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation podcast show, hosted by Coach and Author Donna Marie!

Question For Empathic Black Women Leaders

How do you know if or when you’re anointed enough?

Ep 5 Guest: Linda King

In this fifth episode, our guest, Linda King, Your Identity Expert, shared about the importance of knowing who you are as being vital to making lasting change that results in transformation. Listen in for what she has to say about this question of how to know if you’re anointed enough.

Keywords For Episode 5: identity, anointing, faith, brokenness, perfectionism, suicide prevention

Plant Your Seeds With This Self-Coaching Tip:

Sometimes you can coach yourself simply by journaling on a consistent basis. Research studies have shown that this can help you stay motivated, especially when you look back at previous journal notes. In this way, you can course correct when you see a pattern emerging that does not align with your goals and/or you can update your goals to align with emerging patterns. Journaling and making adjustments based off of your journaling review can also help you to give yourself more grace when the outcome of your work doesn’t end up looking like what you expected… which is a huge part of letting go of toxic perfectionism.


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