What Can Black Women Do To Listen To Their Hearts, Set Boundaries, and Get Unstuck


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What Can Black Women Do To Listen To Their Hearts, Set Boundaries, and Get Unstuck?

Ep 13 S3 Guest: Lyne Frank

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In this 13th episode of season 3, you will hear from Action Coach Lyne Frank about her “soul goal” of empowering women and her allyship with black women leaders through Ignite In Community. She shared practical tips that can help you to learn how to listen to your own heart more, set boundaries, and break free from the cycle of toxic perfectionism that has you stuck, if not completely stuck, then stuck in certain areas.

Lyne said…

“I do not believe you when you tell me you have no ‘me time’. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… schedule it...”

Paraphrase of Discussion with Lyne Frank

Keywords For Episode: making time for yourself, me time, quiet time, getting unstuck, setting boundaries, black women leaders, toxic perfectionism


Episode 13 of Season 3 for the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast with guest Lyne Frank, Action Coach & Ignite In Community Founder

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