Vaneese Johnson

In episode 10 of season 3, you will hear from Vaneese Johnson, The Boldness Coach, as we dig more deeply into understanding what perfectionism can look like for black women leaders, especially for caregivers. Learn from Vaneese about why and how you can replace Super Woman as your Shero.

Keywords For Episode 10: caregivers, black women leaders, super woman, toxic perfectionism, transformation, suicide prevention

About Vaneese Johnson

“As The Boldness Coach, I help women to live a life that is Bold, Big & Bad with No Permission Needed. I provide one-on-one coaching and small group coaching for women in transition who are looking to navigate phases of reinvention in their lives. I serve as a guide to help you step into your boldness.”

~ Vaneese Johnson, The Boldness Coach

Vaneese Johnson, The Boldness Coach™, is a certified Executive and Career Management Coach, Brand Strategist, Author, Small Business Consultant, and an award-winning International Speaker with more than 25 years of experience.

Known as a truth teller and transformation instigator, Vaneese is an expert at helping business and professional leaders claim their boldness to create unstoppable success. She combines her extensive coaching, professional development and entrepreneurial experience with her proprietary success fundamentals of Becoming Out Loud Daily (BOLD), Building in Your Genius (BIG), and Branded and Distinctive (BAD) to give her audience the courage to dream bigger and set larger goals for their careers, businesses, and personal lives.

Vaneese’ s clients have included Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Avaya, National Football League, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Kaiser Permanente, Life Technologies, Novartis, Macy’s, Chevron, University of San Francisco, University of California at Berkeley, Odyssey Media, and Intel.

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