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  • for as little as $3 per month, you get access to our private group and the mentorship and coaching that happens there (including the gratefulness journal challenge)
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Example of Potential Perks for Patrons

The Gratefulness Journal Challenge (in private Facebook group)

Inside of our private Facebook group for patrons, the Gratefulness Journal Challenge Starts on Sunday 4/3 and is weekly through the month of April. You’ll be getting journal prompts to help guide you week by week on how you can keep yourself grateful. (You can either post a reply to the prompt in the comments of each weekly prompt, or you can just keep it privately to yourself in your own journal.)

I hope you’ll join us because this will bless you and keep you motivated to continue letting go of toxic perfectionism in whatever ways that happens to look in your very unique life.

[FAQ: Can I invite a friend? If you know someone who wants to join us, explain that they can join if they choose to become a patron of the podcast.]

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