Season 3 Episode 7 Plant Your Seeds

  1. How can suicide be prevented for high achieving black women and girls?
  2. How Perfectionistic Women Abuse Themselves With Lack of Sleep and Why This Is Dangerous
  3. Why and How to Replace Super Woman As Your Role Model with Vaneese Johnson
  4. How can I get mentorship as a black woman remote worker?
  5. [Video Announcement] – Mentorship Program for Black Women Remote Workers

Welcome to the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation podcast show, hosted by Coach and Author Donna Marie!

Question For Empathic Black Women Leaders

How can a black woman leader get more support in the workplace?

Ep 7 Guest: Dr. Patricia Anderson

In this seventh episode, our guest, Dr. Patricia Anderson, explained Authentic Transformational Leadership in detail and gave examples of its opposite. She shared that women leaders often must stand in their femininity as part of their authentic transformational leadership and transparently shared about her own personal experience and how she responded to criticism that she was too feminine for her industry. Listen in to learn more.

Keywords For Episode 7: authentic transformational leader, transformation vs. change, incremental change, femininity in leadership, toxic perfectionism, self-care, suicide prevention


Plant Your Seeds With This…

Mentorship is one great way to add value to a black woman leader’s life. You can learn more about our mentorship program for black women leaders who are remote workers at this link: click here


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