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“Plant Your Seeds of Transformation”

This is a personal growth and professional development podcast. When you Lead Like a Queen as a “small” business leader, you take responsibility for your own transformation so you can have more positive impact on the world. This is like cultivating a garden. “Small” means entrepreneurs who have no team or very small teams, sometimes also called solopreneurs or micro small business owners. However, “small” is a misnomer, or a false name, because despite size, you can still have big impact in the world. Listen and learn how conscious selfless servants like yourself are already doing this.

Loved by conscious selfless servants worldwide.


Season 3 Episode 1 Plant Your Seeds

Welcome to Season 3! My goal is to support you in your journey of transformation and to get your feedback on how what I’m sharing is impacting you via plantyourseeds.showMore

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Donna Marie Johnson, Podcast Host

Donna Marie

I have been podcasting since 2010 to highlight women leaders and the issues that help them continue learning and transforming personally and professionally so they can Lead Like A Queen.

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