Season 3 Episode 3 Plant Your Seeds

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Get Important Stuff Done – Your Coworking Event Invitation Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast

  1. Get Important Stuff Done – Your Coworking Event Invitation
  2. What Amazing Things Can Happen When You Keep Your Joy In the Midst of Crisis or Trauma?
  3. What Can Black Women Do To Listen To Their Hearts, Set Boundaries, and Get Unstuck
  4. Upcoming Events and Other Fall News
  5. How can suicide be prevented for high achieving black women and girls?

Episode 3 Topic: Intentionally Cultivating Your Small Business

“What is your business more like: a forest or a garden? … You can make big impact with your small business, but that comes from being super intentional…”

~ Author Donna Marie Johnson, Lead Like A Queen Coach

During this podcast, I discussed the importance of intentionality for this podcast from casting the vision for this podcast to creating monetization opportunities for it to creating engagement opportunities for this audience. I also asked you if you can see how intentionality can be applied to your own life or business.

Key Phrases

  • intentionality
  • cultivation
  • coaching
  • patron perks
  • market research


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