Season 3 Episode 4 Plant Your Seeds

  1. Get Important Stuff Done – Your Coworking Event Invitation
  2. What Amazing Things Can Happen When You Keep Your Joy In the Midst of Crisis or Trauma?
  3. What Can Black Women Do To Listen To Their Hearts, Set Boundaries, and Get Unstuck
  4. Upcoming Events and Other Fall News
  5. How can suicide be prevented for high achieving black women and girls?

Welcome to the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation podcast show, hosted by Coach and Author Donna Marie! In this fourth episode, I shared about my recent guest interview with The I’m Loving Me Project (about toxic perfectionism) and about what a coach does and does not do to support you in your journey. (HINT: Coaching is not therapy, but a therapist may use a coaching style.)

Important Show Note:

Assessments are useful tools that coaches can use to help their coachees understand themselves better so they will know what help to ask for while working with their coach/es.


The Saboteurs Assessment by Positive Intelligence

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Coach and Author Donna Marie Johnson

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