How Can You Get Support? Join Weekly Co-working for Mentorship Sessions

MENTORSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT – This program is being revamped. The restart is coming and will be announced during an upcoming episode.

CO-WORKING – The co-working is an ongoing weekly meeting, even without the formal mentorship program. If you’re a member of our patreon community, you can access the co-working schedule and the link.


What Amazing Things Can Happen When You Keep Your Joy In the Midst of Crisis or Trauma? Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast

[VIDEO] How Do You Keep Your Joy Despite Trauma and Crisis? AND what amazing things happen when you do? – This is the season finale for the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast show. See the full show notes at Black women leaders often feel the weight of compounded crises and traumas… and it hurts, a lot. Who wants to go through that? And how in the world can you go through that and still keep your joy? What's your story? What feedback do you want to share on this? Use the voice messaging feature on Spotify, or join our community to share and to hear others' insights. If you're blessed by this and listening via Apple Podcasts, please rate and leave a helpful comment so others can keep finding the show and be blessed by it, too. — Send in a voice message:
  1. What Amazing Things Can Happen When You Keep Your Joy In the Midst of Crisis or Trauma?
  2. What Can Black Women Do To Listen To Their Hearts, Set Boundaries, and Get Unstuck
  3. Upcoming Events and Other Fall News
  4. How can suicide be prevented for high achieving black women and girls?
  5. How Perfectionistic Women Abuse Themselves With Lack of Sleep and Why This Is Dangerous

This community is for you if you are a black woman leader working from home in a job or her own business. We would love to see you at the Thursday 7pm EST Weekly Co-Working with Breakout Rooms for Mentorship.

Get access by joining as a patron of the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast. This is an existing community of highly supportive, focused black women leaders.


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