How Perfectionism Can Make You Lose Sleep

How can suicide be prevented for high achieving black women and girls? Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast

On this additional bonus episode, I share my insights on how we (families and communities) can help prevent high achieving black women and girls from self harm or suicide, along with recommended resources. See the full show notes at — Send in a voice message:
  1. How can suicide be prevented for high achieving black women and girls?
  2. How Perfectionistic Women Abuse Themselves With Lack of Sleep and Why This Is Dangerous
  3. Why and How to Replace Super Woman As Your Role Model with Vaneese Johnson
  4. How can I get mentorship as a black woman remote worker?
  5. [Video Announcement] – Mentorship Program for Black Women Remote Workers

In this bonus episode 11, I step into the mentor role to share on this topic of losing sleep or neglecting to get enough sleep and how this is tied into perfectionism. This episode will premier at 7am EST on Thursday 6/30/2022

How can lack of sleep be caused by your quest for perfectionism? Ever heard anyone say “sleeping is overrated” or “I’ll sleep when I die”?

Also in this bonus episode, my goal is to provide an update on what to expect for future episodes.

How can black women leaders understand themselves better and make better choices so that they will live more happily and have more joy in all of their relationships? Getting past perfectionism is one of the keys for this, and one thing that can help you get past perfectionism is getting enough sleep.

Ironically, if you’re sleep deprived, it’s highly likely that you have a hard time listening or focusing, and it’s also likely that your brain health and your emotions may also be out of balance.

Watch or listen to this episode to hear about my journey. I hope that you’ll take what I share seriously and make good choices for yourself so that you are getting enough sleep in the future.

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