[New Book] Small Biz Big Impact, But How? 2nd Edition with Journal

Drip and ripples on water in colorful bowl. Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash.

Black Women Leaders who own Small/Micro/Solo businesses:

Do you want to have your business make more impact in the world?

Are you a conscious selfless servant but not sure about how you can make a bigger impact?

Even when it’s not intentional, even the smallest drip of water creates a ripple effect across the whole pond. So, “small business” is a misnomer because, with intentionality, you can make a big positive impact on the world.

~ Coach Donna Marie

Get your copy of Coach Donna Marie’s book “Small Biz Big Impact But How?” to see if it may help you. It’s in the second edition now and is available in paperback with an integrated impact journal so you can write your “aha” moments and your questions as you read. Journaling while reading helps so that you can become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings, and so you don’t forget important insights.

Video – Small Biz Makes Big Impact with Intentionality

Small Biz Makes Big Impact with Intentionality #SmallBizBigImpact

Small Biz Big Impact But How?: How Conscious Selfless Servants Impact the World

“Small Biz Big Impact, But How?” by Coach Donna Marie Johnson


*Signed copies are limited.

If you choose to purchase this book, thank you in advance. Purchasing this book supports the ongoing development of the Plant Your Seeds of Transformation podcast which is hosted by Coach Donna Marie.

Throughout this podcast we have addressed issues that impact the mindsets of black women leaders including perfectionistic tendencies, low self-esteem, and more. I wrote this book because I am well aware that many of us black women leaders have a hard time seeing ourselves as leaders and/or seeing ourselves being able to make big impact when our businesses are underfunded, undervalued, and overlooked. However, there are ways to get around any obstacle, as long as you keep your hope alive.

I hope my book will help you to keep your hope alive.

God bless you.

~ Coach Donna Marie

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