Lyne Frank

In episode 13 of season 3, you will hear from Lyne Frank, Action Coach & Ignite In Community Founder, about her “soul goal” of empowering women and her allyship with black women leaders through Ignite In Community. She shared practical tips that can help you to learn how to listen to your own heart more, set boundaries, and break free from the cycle of toxic perfectionism that has you stuck, if not completely stuck, then stuck in certain areas. As I, Donna, dig more deeply into understanding what perfectionism can look like for black women leaders, Lyne and I discussed practical tips for making time for yourself, learning how to listen to your own heart, setting boundaries, and getting unstuck.

Keywords For Episode 13: making time for yourself, me time, quiet time, getting unstuck, setting boundaries, black women leaders, toxic perfectionism

Lyne Frank, Action Coach and Founder of Ignite In Community

About Lyne Frank

Lyne Frank is a Global Sisterhood women’s circle facilitator, action coach, and the creator of Ignite in Circle, a dynamic 7-week group-based personal transformation program that trains women to own their feminine power, cultivate self-worth, and ultimately, achieve what they authentically want in life.

When Lyne turned 40, like many women, she went through a period of Is-this-it-?. At the time, Lyne had been an educator for 15 years with a thriving career with Master Degree credentials. She was, and is, also a happy wife and mom to tweens. Lyne was a success by society’s metrics but not her own. Her distressing “Is this it?” inner chatter led her on a quest to fill the void. Lyne refers to the period that unfolded next as the most magical ‘midlife awakening’.

She is obsessed with all things women from mother guilt to promotions, body share, anxiety and helping you navigate this wild thing we call life. It’s for that reason her programs give women the time, space, and judgement-free support for thoughtful introspection to take place. Women uncover their big dreams – what Lyne calls “soul goals” – reconnect to their unique talents, and learn success-proven techniques to take action and claim the life of their dreams.

While doing her work Lyne realized that the women she supports are those who could afford to spend time and money on self-help and self-discovery. Although she prides herself on this work, she knew there was more for her to do. A year ago Lyne founded a grassroot initiative called Ignite in Community. This private Facebook group is unlike any other, as it supports female entrepreneurs while offering all women free access to information and strategies to live their best lives. She continues to be humbled by the women who are willing to offer their gifts for free to help the rise of the feminine. This global diverse group of presenters who now make up Team Ignite have moved their videos to Youtube giving more women access to the practices and information they need to live their best lives.

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