Nia Ridgle, Episode 6 Season 3 Guest

In episode 6, Nia stated that Black Women Leaders use perfectionism to compensate for not being accepted as leaders within a masculinity-oriented world where their vulnerability is rejected. Listen in to hear us unpack this topic of toxic perfectionism more.

Keywords For Episode 6: holistic healing, mental health, vulnerability, failing, resilience, brokenness, perfectionism, suicide prevention

Season 3 Episode 6 Guest Nia Ridgle
Season 3 Episode 6 Guest Nia Ridgle, LMHT & Holistic Healer

About Our Guest Nia Ridgle

“When you reveal yourself, you heal”.

~ Nia Ridgle, LMHT & Holistic Healer

Nia Ridgle is a Licensed Mental Health Faith-Based Therapist, currently residing in San Jose, California. She is the owner of Ridgle Consulting, a mental health private practice that focuses on restorative healing and effective leadership. Nia’s area of expertise primarily focuses on treating mental health symptoms such as depression, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, and transition. She believes when you make yourself the solution to your problems, you take back your power by taking full accountability to be the change you desire. Her life’s mission is to support and empower others while instilling foundational principles to help break unhealthy habits and repeating cycles. She finds that when you reveal yourself, you heal. Many people feel helpless and hopeless. She empowers people to revolutionize their healing and achieve their life goals through raising self-awareness.

“Many times I am asked, ‘What is a Holistic Healer?’ Let me explain. A holistic approach to mental health is a method of healing that focuses on the person as a whole, rather than just treating a specific mental health condition. Holistic practitioners aim to prevent health issues from ever developing by covering the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy getting to know your body in a rich deep authentic way with a like-minded community. R.C Wellness brand is passionate about providing sacred healing spaces for African people from all origins.”

~ Nia ridgle, LMHT & Holistic healer

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