Patricia Anderson, Episode 7 Season 3 Guest

In episode 7, Dr. Patricia stated that change is not the same as transformation, and that transformation results from incremental change. Your true transformation “is not a one and done”. She also said, “The strong black woman is outdated”. It is now okay to vulnerably admit that you’re struggling and to ask for help so that you can move forward in your transformation journey.

Keywords For Episode 7: transformational leadership, authentic transformational leadership, toxic perfectionism, suicide prevention, incremental change

Season 3 Episode 7 Guest Dr. Patricia Anderson

About Our Guest Dr. Patricia Anderson

“We have to show up for ourselves and prioritize ourselves… say ‘I’m the priority for this hour’… don’t expect it from the outside.”

~ Dr. Patricia Anderson, Certified Change Practitioner & Authentic Transformational Leader

Dr. Anderson is a professor at the Forbes School of Business and Technology with more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership and business. She has conducted hundreds of seminars and training sessions and has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, and more. Dr. Anderson is a Certified Change Practitioner and holds an MBA in International Business, and an earned Doctorate in Transformational Leadership. She is an innovative, action-oriented thought leader with exceptional success in implementing transformative cultures and challenging the status quo surrounding successful leadership.

She has combined years of extensive behavioral research with her proven abilities to manage complexity, volatility, and ambiguity in the realm of leadership, to become a leading expert in Authentic Transformational Leadership (ATL). Central to her leadership methodology is understanding the difference between change and transformation. According to Dr. Anderson, change is an external shift in behaviors that is ultimately reversible, whereas transformation works from the inside outward and is permanent. Dr. Anderson’s mission with ATL is to position leaders and businesses to create people-powered, future-proof solutions and sustainable success through authenticity, transparency, and mutual real time accountability.

What is Authentic Transformational Leadership (ATL)? ATL is a leadership approach that creates valuable and positive transformation in stakeholders such as internal customers (employees) and followers, with end goals of influencing current leaders and developing future leaders. ATL intensifies the motivation, morale, and performance of stakeholders through a variety of mechanisms including meaningfully connecting them to the mission and collective purpose of the organization. Leaders who practice ATL are role models for stakeholders including other leaders; they challenge them to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses which in turn helps to optimize their individual and collective performance.”

~ Dr. Patricia Anderson, Certified Change Practitioner & Authentic Transformational Leader

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