Wanda Duncan

In episode 9, Wanda Duncan, Founder of Black Women Travl, shared her perspective on this topic of toxic perfectionism and how it relates to wellness, travel, and digital nomad living from the perspective of black women. She talked about the process of unlearning that we can use to help us rid ourselves of unrealistic expectations that are not good for our wellness and that may be holding us back from moving forward with our goals.

Keywords For Episode 9: confidence, digital nomad, travel, wellness, toxic perfectionism, mental health, suicide prevention

About Wanda Duncan

“Perfectionism is innately toxic. [i.e.,] Black women, black people, have this messaging… such as ‘[be] twice as good’ that’s been handed to us generation after generation. But that’s not us and has never been us.”

~ Wanda Duncan, Founder of Black Women Travl

Wanda has been working and traveling as a digital nomad since 2016. She’s the founder of Black Women Travl, a thriving community of Black women who center travel, wellness, and creating online streams of income. Join the Nomad Crew Collective, listen to the weekly show Black Women Travel Podcast, and catch the replay of the annual travel conference just for Black women, the International Black Women Travel Jubilee. Where do you fit in? Come sit with us!

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